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Best Party Tips

Want to give your child a birthday to remember? Throwing a birthday party for your child should be fun for all (you included). It just takes a little planning and an extrodanary FacePainter. Here are our top tips for the perfect party.


Plan Ahead

There's nothing worse than planning a fantastic party only to find that none of your guests are able to make it. Think far in advance about possible dates, and try to avoid clashing with other children's birthdays, and avoid planning your party on Saturday mornings when sports clubs often have game day.

If you are hiring a childrens entertainer for your party, try to book as far in advance as possible. This will ensure your party is a triumph.

Some childrens entertainers offer mid-week specials for parties booked Monday - Thursday. This can be of great benifit if your child is in daycare or kindergarten. School-Aged children are also opting to have their birthday parties in the afternoons after school. You can book your party today on our website, simply follow the links.




Choose A Theme

If you are hosting the party yourself, it helps to have a theme. But there are so many parties in most children's calendars these days that it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. Give your party a different feel with a quirky theme and tailor everything accordingly, from the venue and decorations to the food and party games. Draw inspiration from your children's favourite books or films. Often it's a no-brainer (your little boy is super-hero-mad or your daughter loves everything pink), or pick something wide-ranging enough to encourage creativity. You can download free party invitations from our website. Just follow the links.

However, if you're scratching around for ideas, here are a few popular themes:

- Traditional fancy dress - for boys and girls of all ages
- Bob the Builder - for boys age 2-5
- Fairy - for girls age 2-8

- Princess - for girls age 2-8
- Under the Sea - for boys and girls age 3-8

- Mermaid - for girls age 3-8

- Pony Party - for girls age 2-10
- Pirate - for boys (and girls!) age 2-8
- Super Heros and Super Villans - for boys and girls age 6-10

- Disco / Karaoke - for boys and girls age 8-14

- Slumber Party (Sleepover) - for boys and girls age 8-14

- Teddy Bears Picnic - for boys and girls age 2-5

- Matchbox Cars /Sk8 Party - for boys age 2-12

- Great Gatsby - for girls age 10-16+

Or take the easy option and choose a theme from the party packs (paper plates, napkins, party favours, etc) available at party suppliers or larger retailers.

Remember: To ask your guests to come in costume to add to the atmosphere and get everyone involved.


Send Out The Invitations

From the initial invitation to the final party bag, personal touches matter. Download your free birthday invitations from our website. Just follow the links. Using a colour printer, print as many birthday invitations as required and fill out your party information. Our unique designs are custom made by us, and update with new trends. Our invitations will have the kids buzzing about the party, long before it starts. Ideally invitations should be handed out to party guests atleast 3-4 weeks in advance. This will give party-goers plenty of time to organise their schedual.



Decorate your venue with balloons, streamers, banners, paper garlands, bunting, foil or paper cut outs, confetti and scatters, party hats, whistles and crackers. And make sure you have candles or sparklers for the cake. If your birthday party has a theme, stick to it; now is the time to impress your your birthday boy/girl and your guests. Decorations are inexpensive and can be used again and again. Visit our Shopping page for some inspiration. Play some popular music to help set the atmosphere and mood just before your guests arrive. This will help you de-stress and also create a friendly and welcoming environment for your guests.

Remember: Place balloons out the front of your house / venue to let party guests find you easily.

Tip: You can decorate your house the night before, and inflate balloons the following day. This is a great time saver on the big day. If you are having your party at a specific venue such as the park, arrive a few hours before hand to set up and claim your table/ bbq area/ space. You can also save on washing up by using disposable paper or plastic cups, plates, forks, and spoons.


Food, Glorious Food

Keep your party theme going with the food you offer your guests. Try making a lollies buffet, with plenty of goodies, such as cupcakes, cake-pops, lolly trees, chocolates, fairy bread, magic wands, fizzy drinks, macrons, birthday cake and many more. However, remember party food does not necessarily have to be unhealthy, there are plenty of alternatives to the traditional favourites. For instance, you could swap potato chips for a healthier alternative of vegetable chips made from beetroot, parsnip and sweet potato. (These can find these in any supermarket or health food store.) Or have a variety of sandwiches filled with cucumber, tomato, avocado, egg, ham, cheese. You can also offer your guests fruit pops and juice. A great selection of party food can be found on our Recipes page. Just follow the links.

Remember: Some children have food allergies - try to avoid anything with nuts, and offer a gluten free option link fruit.





Raise Your Game

Games are a crucial icebreaker for children that do not know one-another, and they are also a party starter. Make sure you have a variety of age-appropriate, indoor and outdoor activites up your sleeve. Children require stimulation so involving them in activities such as Pass the Parcel, Pin the Tail on the Donkey, Egg and Spoon Races, Three Legged Races, Treasure Hunts, Dunking Apples, Musical Charis, Potato Sack Races, and many more will keep your children entertained and having fun. Follow the link to our Party Games page.

Remember: You will need prizes for each game you play.


Mmmmm Cake

It is ideal to stick with your birthday party theme, however nothing in life is set in concrete. If your children are old enough, allow them to pick their cake if you are purchasing a custom made cake from a bakery, or alternatively allow them to help make their own birthday cake. You can use some of your child's toys to help decorate your cake. A Barbie cake for instance: a Barbie doll can be inserted into the center of a tiered cake to create Barbie's dress. You can have so much fun baking and icing your birthday cake.

Remember: If you are having a party away from home (ie: at the park) remember to take a lighter and knife with you. They come in really handy when lighting candles and sparklers or when slicing the cake.


Get Snap Happy

Those early years go by in a flash and all too soon the memories of smiling painted faces, fairy wings, dinosaur and superhero parties will fade away. Preserve these special moments by keeping a camera with you throughout the day and taking a snapshot whenever you can. Mobile phone devices have video recording for moments like blowing out the birthday candles. If you are very busy hosting the party, enlist a family member or friend to do the legwork for you.  But most importantly remember to be in the photos yourself. You're sure to appreciate these keepsakes in years to come – and so will the kids. You could even print your pictures and give each child a memento of their day as they leave.

Remember: To have a freshly charged set of batteries in your camera and a cleared memory stick ready to go.

Tip: When photographing children, get down to their eye level. And have the sun behind the photographer. This will make for better photographs.


To Give And Recieve

Ideally set yourself a budget per child and try to stick to it.

Party Bags are good party ettiqute. They show your guests your appreciation for them coming to spend time and celebrate your birthday with you.

Party Bags are traditionally filled with goodies such as pencils, erasers, balls, stickers, hair clips and jewellery (for girls), small toy cars/dinosaurs/animals (for boys), small books, small bubble blowing bottles and of course, lollies.

If you have organised a lollie buffet, have some empty party bags located at the lollie buffet allowing your guests to pick and choose what lollies they would like to take home as their Party Bag. This not only doubles as a lollie table at the party, but also as the take home  party bag.

Remember: You can tailor the goodies to each child's age - one doesn't have to fit all ages attending the party.

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