Safety Data Sheet & Face Paint Fact's

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Global Colours Face & Body Art Product MSDS or SDS

For the Professional FacePainter and concerned parents. In the very unlikely event of skin irritation, or more likely misuse of products, Attached are Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), also known as Safety Data Sheet (SDS) of all Global Colours Body Art Products available on our website. MSDS or SDS forms are an important component of product stewardship and occupational safety and health.  Stay Safe kids.


Food For Thought

Common Questions

Is face paint vegan?

There are "vegan" facepaints available on the market, however, they are very difficult to find and they do not have the same consistancy, texture and quality of a regular high quality and reputable brands of face paint. Good quality face paints promote their strengths and have no or minimal nasties in them to begin with. As a person conscious of the environment I would recommend Global Colours. Though it is not vegan, it has less nasties than what a "vegan" classed product may have. As noted in another question, the terms hypoallergenic or dermatologically tested - neither of those terms are regulated, so a company can make up its own definition. As they can with words such as "vegan" and "natural". Also, just because a product contains more botanically sourced ingreditents, does not mean that it has no lead, nickle, chromium, cadmium, arsenic, talc, parabens, petrolatum, mineral oil, cobalt, cadmium or other chenicals. Many products have been recalled because they product has absorbed the chemicals from the container it was packaged in. This is often apparent with lead.

Is Face Paint non-toxic?

Reputable brands produce non-toxic face paint that is approved by the FDA, EU and Australian commission. Global Colours is the company we, as professional entertainers use and promote. It is lead free, cadmium free and chromium free as well as non-toxic.

Is Face Paint OK for sensitive skin?

Yes, depending on the product and brand you are using. Reputable face paint companies such as Global Colours, Mehron, Snazaroo, Wolfe, TAG, Superstar, Diamond FX, and Cameleon all produce high quality, high pignmented face paints. Note: Depending on the individual persons sensitivity, it is recommended if unsure, that a patch test be done on the inside of the arm and moniterted. As professional entertainers working in the hot Australian environment, we use Global Colours face paint which is an Australian owned company, producing products that are lead free, cadmium free and chromium free, and suited to the Australian weather conditions.

If the face paint says hypoallergenic or dermatologically tested, is it safe?

No. Neither of those terms are regulated, so a company can make up its own definition.

How do natural face paint products rate?

Unfortunately, face paint products that are labeled as natural are still not safe. One ingredient to be aware of is a preservative called Optiphen, also known as Phenoxyethanol (and) Caprylyl Glycol (and) Sorbic Acid. It has a 5 rating on EWG’s Skin Deep Report with “strong evidence indicating it is a human skin toxicant or allergen. I strongly advise visiting this website for more info on individual ingredients:

Can people with facial hair / beard be facepainted?

Yes, ofcourse. Just bear in mind that not all designs will suit your face and many designs will need to be improvised to accomodate your facial feature. Your facepaint artist would be happy to recommend a design that not only suits your facial features but also your personality to get you into theme.

Can people with glasses get facepainted?

Yes. Simply remove your glasses for the duration of the facepaint and re-apply them later once the paint is dry. You artist can also recommend designs to suit your face and features as well as accomodate your glasses.

What are the most popular girl designs?

Butterfly Princess Flowers Unicorn Eye Candy

What are the most populat boy designs?

Spiderman Tiger Dinosaur & Dragons Monsters Other Superheros - Hulk, Batman

Can babies get facepainted?

Yes, however, it is recommended that your baby be atleast 6mths or older before they get their first tiny facepaint.

What are the most popular Hallooween facepaint designs?

Superheros Vampire Skull / Sugar Skull Witch Jack-o-lantern Zombie Blood Splatter Rotten Cropse

Can facepaint be used for hunting?

Yes when applied correctly, facepaint can be use to camoflage for hunting and other outdoor games.

How to remove facepant?

Generally all waterbased facepaint can be removed with soap and water.

Chemicals to Avoid

If your facepaint contains any of these ingredients - throw them away

It is well known that a lot of products come to market shelves world wide, with hidden ingredients, that have not been approved or tested. If any of your make-up or facepaint products contain any of the following ingredients, please discontinue use and disgard of them. These ingredients include: *Arsenic *Cadmium *Chromium *Cobalt *Lead *Mineral Oil *Nickel *Parabens *Petrolatum *Talc

Why Lead is a problem?

There are 3 important things to know about lead: 1. Lead is not safe at any level. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states “no safe blood lead level in children has been identified,” and “lead exposure can affect nearly every system in the body.” 2. Small amounts of lead can build up in the body and cause lifelong learning and behavior problems. This buildup of lead in the body is lead poisoning. 3. Exposure to lead has been linked to decreased cognitive ability.

Why is Cadmium a problem?

Cadmium is of particular concern as it can mimic estrogen and the research linking it to breast cancer. Chronic exposure can lead to kidney, bone and lung disease.

Face Paint Alernatives

Can watercolour pencils be used to facepaint?

No. They are not designed for skin use and are not recommended for skin use. Leave them for the paper and buy real facepaint.

Can crayons be used to facepaint?

No. They are not designed for skin use and are not recommended for skin use. Leave them for paper based art and craft activities and buy real facepaint.

Can watercolour paints be used to facepaint?

No. They are not designed for skin use and are not recommended for skin use. Leave them for the paper and buy real facepaint.

Can acrylic paint be used for facepaint?

No. They are not designed for skin use and are not recommended for skin use. They are toxic products to the skin. Purchase real facepaint for the face and body.

Can you use facepaint on your cat or dog?

Real facepaint is suitable for human use as it is non toxic. It is not recommended to paint your cat or dog. However, if you need a quick Halloween costume for your pet, you could get away with it for a few hours. Please remember to wash your pet as soon as possible after your event.

Can food colouring be used to facepaint?

No. Its not recommened. It will stain your skin for an extended period of time. Just buy real facepaint.

Can facepaint be used to avoid facial recognition?

To a degree, yes. It could also make you more obvious too.