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We love party food. It's the food your not supposed to eat unless it's a special occasion. But sometimes organising everything for a celebration can be a little stressful. So, for your convenience, we have a recipe page full of scrumptious party food. Ranging from entrees and drinks through to the main event - the birthday cake. Our recipes are easy to follow and will make your party a breeze and your guests mouths drool.


The candy buffet and the dessert tables...This trend is still going strong! In fact it has become a staple in most birthday parties, christmas parties, weddings, baby and bridal showers and taking on a storm in the corporate world of product launches,  team trainings, staff parties, and so much more these days. From small parties to large events these tables of sweets have become very popular. In the following links you will find not only a Do It Yourself Guide but also a budget friendly way to set up your table for your next event. One of the great things about these buffets is they can be made up of anything you like! It just comes down to personal taste. Common candy and dessert buffets might include a mixture of hard and soft lollies, cupcakes, chocolates and anything in between! Of course, a bonus of having a candy table is that your guests can enjoy sweet treats during the festivities and also take a bag home for later.


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