Glitter & Gems

Global Colours Glitter Dust & Liquid FX

    Global Colours Body Art loose glitter dust, ideal for application over face paint and for use with glitter tattoo's. Global Colours loose glitter comes in a variety of colours including holographic, fluro, iridescent and classic glitters. There are 27 colours to pick from.

    Global Colours also has a large range of liquid Glitter FX, with a further 27 colours in holographic, fluro, iridescent and classic glitter styles. Glitter FX is a professional product designed to be used over face and body art.


SAFETY TIP: Remember not all glitter is created equal. Global Colours is the first and only Body Art company to release a Cosmetic Grade, FDA compliant glitter in both liquid and loose glitter format to be used on the body.

Art and Craft glitter are only ASTM approved glitter, meaning the glitter product is safe for use on art and craft projects only, and not suitable for use on the skin or around the eyes.