Helium Tank Hire

Balloon gas is available in a range of differently sized gas cylinders to cater for all your occasions. The revolutionary 124CV cylinder features a built-in regulator and is perfect for smaller occasions. PLEASE NOTE: All games require a refundable hire deposit which is included in the hire fee when paying online. If you would like to book any of our helium tanks for hire, please click HERE.

Helium Tank Hire

The most cost effective way for the at home DIY'er to get that professional look for their party or event.

  • Environmentally Friendly tank that is refilled and reused by the industry every single day.

  • 100% helium

  • Fills 30-35 Balloons of 30cm size for CV size tank

  • Variety of tank sizes available to suit many different budgets and size needs

  • DIY balloon packages available

  • Awesome party = Happy customer

2 Day Hire Price:$60 + $50 Bond/Deposit for a CV (smallest) size tank

Additional Day Hire Price: $15per day

Refundable Deposit: $50

Disposable 1 Use Helium Tank

While it may seem very convenient at first to purchase a DIY helium tank from your local craft or department store at first, it can actually turn into a complete disaster quickly.

  • Not environmentally friendly tank (land fill)

  • 80% helium, 20% air mix

  • Balloons do not float as long

  • Only fills approx 26 Balloons of 20cm size

  • Supplied balloons are cheap China balloons that are not quality controlled (can be heavily toxic if it has an off smell or feel/texture)