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Meet the Team

What we do

#1 Party Entertainers in Cairns & District

Children's Entertainment is all about making kid's smile.

We provide professional services in:

Face Painting, Glitter Tattoos, Fun Games, Craft Activities, and Disco Parties, Baby Belly Bumps, Body Art, Skincare and Formal Make overs,

Baby Showers, Gender Reveals, and Nappy Cakes

Balloon Decorating and Balloon Sculpting,

Floral Bouquets and Balloon Gift Bouquet Deliveries.


Our team of awesome artists just love making kid's smile. Let us turn your kid's party or event into something really special, it's what we love to do!

Check out our awesome value Party Packages under the Services menu. We've put together our most popular services for stress free, fun filled kid's parties with options so you can put your feet up and relax with your guests or just have us fill in some time along side you.

Either way we make you look like a hero to your children and the envy of your circle of friends.


Quick Overview

Family business

Locally owned business

Fun, friendly and outgoing

Leading professionals in our industry

Professional finalists at the World Body Painting Championships

Blue Card

Fully insured

First aid trained

Products not tested on animals


The Legend

A smart witted entertainer, Maryanne has had over 10 years of experience in educating children in Kindergartens, Childcare Centres, Primary and High Schools; as a Carer, Group Leader, Director and Teacher.


Maryanne has an Advanced Diploma in Visual Arts, Education and Certificate studies in Religion and Culture as well as extensive training in the Beauty and Makeup Industry. Maryanne is an avid photographer and keen artists specializing in Face and Body painting as well as Murals, Canvas Paintings and Mosaic Art.


During the week, Maryanne runs art classes to budding artist’s students and retirees either during or after school hours sessions to further extend their skills and talents.


Some fun options are Acrylic and Water Colours, Book Binding, Charcoal or Graphite Drawing, Fresco Plaster Painting, Graffiti Art, Mosaic Tile Art, Scrapbooking, Stencilling, Tie Dying Fabrics.


On and even more fun level Maryanne knows lots of knots and her skills at Airogami Balloon Bending are outstanding.  Ask us about Balloon Jam sessions and starter kits.


The Great

Rhiannon is a Professional Artist specializing in elite, unique and exquisite fine art Body Painting and Photography. Rhiannon grew up in a world full of art, photography, film, travel and adventure.


In 2007 Rhiannon started The Face Painters & Body Artists with her mother Maryanne. The business grew rapidly through word of mouth, and Rhiannon's astonishing skill and art made her a huge reputation as the best face painter in Cairns and one of the very best body artists in the country.


In 2011, Rhiannon teamed up with Global Colours - Australia's leading Face Paint manufacturers - and competed at the World Body Painting Championships in Austria. Rhiannon placed 19th in the World for Professional Body Painting (brush and sponge) and 20th for Professional Face Painting. Since achieving such high success Rhiannon and Maryanne's reputation had boomed in their hometown Cairns. However, they are now equally well known abroad among industry Professionals.


Rhiannon's knowledge, training and experience give her an enormous advantage over competitors. Rhiannon and Maryanne are currently working on production of a face paint and balloon instruction book for entertainers and the general public also for sale through this website.


In 2013, Rhiannon extended her fine art of body painting into a more permanent art form. Rhiannon is now also a fully qualified tattoo artist working under the studio Flesh and Colour.



"I have hired Rhi and Mary for nearly 10 years now for events and all-sorts, their work is second to none, my customers always rave about the services when we have them and they are just really cool humans to work with - love everything they do! Highly recommend!"



How we Operate

As leading professionals in our industry, we keep up to date with the best ideas currently trending in the entertainment industry world wide, and offer it to you, right here in Cairns.

We are a small family-owned business with a passion for art and fun.

Our mission is to create a memorable experience and bring smiles to faces at your birthday parties and corporate events. We want your photos to be memorable; so when you look back in years or generations to come, you can be proud of your choice now in paying for our highest standard of entertainment now.


We are ahead of our game, implementing new innovative ideas to the people of our hometown and beyond.

We rank highly amongst our international peers in both balloons and face and body painting; attending international conventions and workshops abroad and competing internationally at the World Championships.


Our face paint, make-up and skincare products are Australian made to very high quality standards.

The products we sell are the products we use everyday on our clients.

We are brand ambassadors for Global Colours Australia and promote quality products that we believe in after our rigorous testing on local conditions and clients.


We run an Eco-friendly office and studio and socially conscious local business, competing in the global market. We source sustainable made, high quality, professional grade, latex balloons that are biodegradable, from companies that use ethically sourced materials and are fair trade compliant.

(Latex is not a plastic. Please do not mistake latex balloons for plastic products).

We strongly support balloon animal rights, and we believe in human rights as well.

We support equal opportunity for all skin types, ages and colours and genders.

We promote ecology and well-being by employing locally and travelling to distant and disadvantaged communities to support their events and causes.

We help support our local businesses to grow by bringing fun spirit to their events and open days, helping with team bonding, and customer focused sales.

If you would like to know more about how we can help you and your next event, drop us a line, or give us a call. We would love to help your next party or corporate event be a great and memorable success. You can also join our newsletter and receive our best tips and recipes for a successful party or event as well as free party printable, activities and more.

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"Maryanne is an amazing artist with a depth of knowledge and talent stretching from high speed face painting for football crowds to pedestrian stopping 3D full body painting promoting businesses. If you want to to stand out from the crowd in your promotions for either photo shoots or live promotions Maryanne will give you a unique and attention grabbing result. I have to admit balloon creations were not something I was drawn to, however this changed. I had a serious accident 2 days before Christmas and arrived at Cairns Base Hospital which was the start of what was to be a 15 week hospital recovery. Maryanne delivered a life sized Father Christmas, accompanied by a floating Bambi deer on a tether. Every morning for the next week I woke to Father Christmas silently watching over me, giving me the thumbs up sign, and allowing me to start each day with a big smile. When Father Christmas could no longer "get it up" he was replace by with a bunch of blue and silver helium balloons with snowflake motifs on them. It was hot and one of the nurses who did not have air-conditioning at home told me, when she woke sweating in the middle of the night she just think of my cool balloons to drift back to sleep in no time."



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