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Air vs Helium Balloons - defeating the Global Helium Shortage

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Creating incrediable displays from air-filled balloons

As simple as balloons are, they are an absolute staple for parties of all different kinds, from little children’s parties to adult anniversary parties to graduations, weddings, promotions and more. The create joy, fun, vibrancy and atmosphere, while transforming any room our outdoors venue. But for over a decade the world has been running out of helium.

As Forbes states, "many people do not realize that helium is a non-renewable resource. It is made on earth via nuclear decay of uranium, and it is recovered from mines. Once it is released into the atmosphere it becomes uneconomical to recapture it, and eventually atmospheric helium will escape earth altogether because it is so light. This is an issue that many people outside the industries that use helium are unaware of, but one that will eventually affect them nonetheless. "

"It is a serious problem," said Roman Dembinski, an organic chemistry professor at Oakland University. "A shortage and disruption would quench our magnets, so we would be without instruments."

In fact, as helium prices surge to new highs, some researchers and companies in the medical industry, which uses the gas as a coolant in magnetic resonance imaging and nuclear magnetic resonance, are suggesting a ban on party balloons. Without helium, doctors will not be able to give patients noninvasive, life-saving MRI scans that detect damage to organs and tissues.

How can you still throw a party with balloons, stick to a budget and help the planet?

Simple! Ask your balloon expert for examples of air-filled designs. There are many great designs out there from floor columns, to arches, balloon bouquets and more that can create equally as much visual impact and on a less expensive budget, while saving the worlds helium for more purposeful resources such as lab and medical equipment.


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