Glitter Tattoo Stencils

Temporary Tattoo Spray


Global Colours has released a large range of stencils for amazing temporary body art, designed for use with their cosmetic grade glitter and temporary spray tattoos. Temporary Glitter Tattoos and Airbrush/ Spray on Tattoos are extrememly popoular with young children and teenagers alike. They are easy to use. Each stencil can be used multiple times with the use of baby /talcum powder to preserve the stencil and reduce tackieness after applications for Glitter Tattoo Stencils. Temporary Tattoo Stencils can also be used multiple times with the application of baby oil or alcohol to remove residual residue from stencil overspray.

Global Colours has invented an easy to use, spray on tattoo product that gives clients an airbrushed, realistic looking tattoo, with out the cost factor. These spray on cans are designed to be used in conjunction with Global Colours laser cut stencils.

Removal of this product is easy with baby oil.